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Dinosaur Ring Holder- Misty Lake


Looking for a perfect place to store your rings? Look no further! These little dinosaurs are the perfect guards for your rings collection! They also double up as your personal fashion ambassadors too! You can stack a few rings on their neck and maybe several on their tails too!

Please note that as a hand made item , the shape of each dinosaur might vary and the pattern on the dinosaur is one of a kind. The image only represent the style, but not the exact pattern of the dinosaur ring holder you will receive.

* Dimension:
Approx 9.5 cm Height x 4.5 cm Wide x 11 cm Long

*This listing is for ONE Dinosaur Ring Holder (Misty Lake). Other items were photographed for demonstration purpose only and are not included in this listing.

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Dino Melty Misty Lake.jpg
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Additional Info

As the products are individually hand made, each piece is unique and one of a kind. 
Due to the nature of hand made products, the product you receive will be of the same style but may not look 100% the same as the piece photographed.