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Home Grown Planter Stick


Do you have a few plants in your garden that you are never quite sure what that is? With this cute little planter stick, you can be proud to admit ... Whatever that plant is, you love it!

Stamped with a unique hand illustrated design and glazed with green semi-translucent highlights, this planter stick is sure to stand out amongst your herbs.

The top half of the planter stick is topped with a shiny clear coat of glaze on the front side.

* Dimension:
Approx 16 cm Height x 5.7 cm Wide x 0.5 cm Thick

*This listing is for ONE "Home Grown" Planter Stick. Pot, plants and the set of planter sticks are for demonstration purpose only and are not included in this listing

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Additional Info

As the products are individually hand made, each piece is unique and one of a kind. 
Due to the nature of hand made products, the product you receive will be of the same style but may not look 100% the same as the piece photographed.